A short story about the Coconut Pagode Light

Our Orkos coconut plantations are neither fertilized nor treated with pesticides. The only possible fertilization that takes place is through the coconut tree’s own palm leaves:
Between the rows of coconut trees, seawater channels are dug in which the falling palm leaves are left to lie
and these slowly decompose over time. This gently fertilizes the soil.

100 years ago, coconuts were harvested by workers climbing up the trees with ropes. Nowadays, workers hold the coconut bunches with a fork and cut them with long pruners. Once all the fruit has been harvested, it is rolled down to the water. On the water, the workers form
floating trains from the coconut bunches, which are pulled along the canals using poles.

After harvesting and transport, the coconuts are then sorted according to the appearance of their more or less green husk to determine the correct
stage of ripeness for the pleasure of your palate. Finally, the coconuts are stripped of their fibers without any treatment and then packed in boxes that are brought to our regions under controlled temperature.

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Coconut Pagode Light from Thailande
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Jackfruit peeled from Thailande
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  • Love for authenticity

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  • Raw food quality

  • We protect soil life

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Fruit has fascinated us for over thirty years. For us, they are much more than food, they are life, colours, flavours, a true festival for the senses as well as a symbol of joy, abundance and sharing. It is to share with you this happiness and this privilege, and so that our children’s children remember their true roots, that we look for you the most beautiful jewels of the original gastronomy.

A quality fruit, according to us, is a fruit that gives the best of itself. It is a fruit cultivated in a alive soil, under a suitable climate, picked at maturity, not having stayed in cold room nor undergone treatment by synthetic chemistry. A fruit of quality, it is a fruit cultivated in the respect of the natural laws, so that its aromas can reach their full development.

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Ancient nature

After having for thousands of years adapted its environment for ever greater comfort or security, to the point of upsetting the great balances of the planet, Humankind seems today, little by little, to remember that it IS nature, that it is an expression, an ephemeral form.
With all those who support us, we want to be part of the guardians of this wonderful, unlikely Earth, this endless biodiversity that has given us life. In particular, we want to protect soils from erosion, pollution and the disappearance of the abundant life they contain. With your help, we also want to protect, develop, make known the old varieties, the wild fruits and the forests which shelter them, among other treasures.

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