There are articles on the Internet claiming to denounce the myth of good and bad sugars, and claiming that there are no “bad” sugars. When you look more closely, you quickly realize that these sites are written by the sugar industry, which takes care to defend its interests, of course…
No one disputes today that excess sugars are the main cause of the increase in obesity and diabetes, not to mention cavities, over the last half-century in the West. However, avoiding excess sugar is far from easy, as the temptations are so great. Manufacturers are striving to make their food as attractive and addictive as possible, in order to conquer markets and build customer loyalty. The best way to avoid the risk of excess is probably to prefer real foods, left in their natural (undisguised) form. Indeed, since they are in a way “recognized” by our organisms, they naturally encourage us, by means of sensations of reflection or by variations in taste, to limit the quantities consumed to the body’s real needs alone. Mother Nature has guided people for millions of years, without the help of any nutritionist…

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